Using cedar for the siding of our shed makes a statement. It is your way of doing something a little more special for yourself and says to all of your neighbors that you really care about the appearance of the new addition to your property. Cedar sheds are even more special because they framed differently than traditional pine-sided sheds and require a little more attention to detail. It is this extra attention to detail that really shows. Of course, cedar can also be applied to any alternative design shed you would like to consider for your property.

Shedmaster Sheds also offers you the versatility, color palette and ease of maintenance that only vinyl siding can give you. It is an attractive alternative and could even be matched to the color of the vinyl siding of your house.

For those of you with a more traditional New England spirit, Shedmaster Sheds can also place clapboards on the exterior of your shed. All custom shed designs and construction are individually quoted at the time of the specification development.

If you are looking for a new shed, a customized structure of any kind, a new garage, firewood storage unit, or animal shelter, call Shedmaster Sheds, at 800-618-8118, you will be glad you did.