The Shedmaster Company

More than 20 years of building durable, and stylish storage sheds in NH, MA, and Maine.

Mike the owner, got started in  the building  business back in  1977. His acquired building skills and design knowledge now go into each stylish new storage shed leaving the Shedmaster factory. Each storage shed, animal shelter, workshop, utility building, or screen house is carefully pre-assembled at our facility, then delivered and installed at your location. From day one Shedmaster  has offered a choice of several standard designs, each available with a variety of options. In addition we have  custom made sheds with features such as, decks, special roofs, custom door widths, alternate windows, extra -heavy duty floors, and more. Need a place to store a car? Thinking of area to use as an  office or workshop? Replacing that old decaying shed? We offer our buyers shed removal services.

The stylish storage shed designs offered by the Shedmaster company are the result of the artistic instinct that Mike found at a very young. He understands the limits of each a particular working design and how they can be adapted to help you maximize the utility of the shed your looking for. People of course welcome aesthetically pleasing structures when adding to their property and each of our designs incorporate these attributes to produce  better looking  buildings.

“I started this business over 20 years ago with the basic’s, just a hammer, a saw and  my Dad’s old Chevy van. He never actually helped me build, but I did  help him when he built a shed for his property with me at his side when I was only six years old. Here I am now, the Shedmaster Storage Shed company in full swing, and with thousands of sheds to it’s name.”

In the market to purchase a storage shed? Possibly a larger utility building, or a prefab garage for your property in NH, MA or Maine?  Don’t settle for second best when you can have a stylish Shedmaster building, set-up on your property and stay in budget! Our reputation has grown along with the business.  Were proud to be sought out as one of the finest shed and garage builders in New England.

The Shedmaster company has  provided thousands  of residential and commercial customers  with  high quality backyard storage buildings. Try us at 1-800-618-8118 or 603-679-3500  to hear more about the look your property deserves.